BosphorusISS - Embedded Software Engineer

BISS e2e IoT çözümleri sunan, endüstriyel yazılımlar üzerine uzmanlaşmış, Avrupa'da müşteri portföyü olan bir yazılım firmasıdır. "Embedded"tan "cloud" a, "full stack web development" tan "automated test engineering"e kadar birçok alanda çalışan şirket, müşterilerin ihtiyaçları doğrultusunda yazılım çözümleri geliştirmektedir.


We are looking for Software Engineers, experienced or new graduates, who are enthusiastic about Embedded Systems and are fun to work with. As an Embedded Software Engineer at our company, you will be responsible for:

- Executing a complete embedded software development lifecycle
- Designing, developing, and testing software
- Producing fully functional applications writing clean code
- Performing code reviews and pair programming with the team
- Troubleshooting and debugging to solve production issues
- Staying up-to-date with new technology trends



- Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
- Hands-on experience and strong knowledge of C and Modern C++
- Advanced knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming, Design principles, and patterns - Familiarity with building automation tools such as CMake
- Familiar with scripting languages (e.g., bash, python)
- Knowledge of version control systems such as SVN and Git
- Experience with real-time operating systems
- Experience with embedded Linux build systems (Yocto Project, Buildroot …) - Experience with network and industrial communication protocols (CAN, MODBUS, PROFINET ...)
- Familiar with Linux Kernel Driver development
- Familiar with CI/CD tools