By exceeding traditional education models with the "New Education Model" implemented for the first time in Turkey, Kadir Has University aims to produce qualified graduates who can work anywhere in the world by raising competent professionals, researchers and scientists for all sectors, who will shape and direct the world of the future, who question, who aim to understand nature and humanity.

Kadir Has University Career Office basically carries out new generation career planning activities that will increase the employability of our students and help them reflect their potential on life. The concept of employability is a broad concept that includes sub-headings such as professional knowledge, work experience, work skills, career vision, life skills and self-management. The Career Office contributes to the personal development and career planning of our students by organizing a series of trainings and activities suitable for their classes and departments during their student experience.

When we examine the new generation career approaches, we understand that in addition to professional success, an individual should have developed life skills against a wide range of possibilities, from struggling with the difficulties he/she will face in his/her life to managing the victories he/she will win. For this reason, we diversify career management with a work-life philosophy in our work.

We support our students in their career planning with counseling support, training sessions where they can earn certificates, career fairs, overseas education information, company visits and technical trips where they can get to know the sectors, internships and business contacts, CV check days, and interview simulations.