Mentor-Mentee Programı

Mentor Mentee 2024

What is the Mentor - Mentee Program?

This program aims for KHAS students to learn and gain insight from the experiences of business professionals who are KHAS graduates.
Through the organization of the Career Office, our successful graduates are matched with KHAS students studying at the same level as them and are provided with mentoring meetings.

Within the scope of this program, KHAS mentors answer the questions of the students they are paired with, namely the mentees, about their departments, provide information about the sector, inspire them on issues related to their profession, and share their experiences in both student life and business life. This enjoyable organization often turns into a reverse mentorship for mentors, that is, it helps them learn new generation topics from our students, they experience the spiritual happiness of supporting students, and it can also turn into a mutual sharing process where they remember their own memories.

Information regarding the initiation and execution of the mentoring organization is provided by our Career Office every year.

For your questions, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]