2023 - Borda Academy Summer Internship & New Graduate Training Program

Who We Are
Are you excited to put your knowledge into practice with your bold ideas? Do you want to have the chance to work on real IoT projects? If you want to make a difference in the world, Borda Academy is a place for you. During the internship, your responsibility will be to come up with a solution for our real project study that will be assigned to you.
We are inviting you to 12-week summer internship and new graduate training program that you will have a chance to get comprehensive training on IoT technologies, benefit from the mentoring of experienced engineers, get into R&D project development, improve yourself and kick-start your career.
Borda Academy aims to spread the knowledge all around the world. All we have a primitive technology compared to future innovation. Let’s build the future of innovation through technology together.

Borda Academy 2023

Are you interested in developing IoT Technologies? Are you a university student or a new graduate? If yes, then you’re invited to Borda Academy’23 at Istanbul Office!

Participation in the Borda Academy Program will be hybrid

Application Process

Online Application >> Qualification Exams >> Exam Review >> Digital or Face to Face Interview  >> Announcement to Acceptance

Application Deadline: March 12

Please click to apply.