The Future Project

Figure out details in achieving your dreams!

If you want to acquire a new skillset and by consulting with professional mentor in the academy of the sector, where you can work while you explore and have fun in addition to pursuing innovation by enjoying success with a large, delightful team and finally to have an opportunity to travel to Spain to visit Akcoat Spain, we are waiting for you!

The Future Project


What is the purpose of this program?

The contributions that university and master students can make to Akcoat are very valuable to us. We have launched The Future Project internship program in order for young people to have a good experience while preparing for the future, as well as to see the innovations they will bring to Akcoat.

What does this program offer?

Our interns gain valuable experience working with Buddy and mentors. They present the projects they have prepared within the scope of the program to Akcoat managers. And our intern, who has signed the most successful project, will have the chance to visit the Akcoat factory in Spain. In this way, they take a very important first step in business life and gain international experience by going to Spain.

They can also benefit from job opportunities after their internships.

If our interns have compulsory internships, they can include these internships in the program.

During the internship, accommodation is provided by our company.

We have a wage policy for all our interns.

Assessment Processes

Determining the departments of the interns according to the department demands,

English Test

General Ability Test

Face-to-face committee interviews

What are important dates?

Application Period: March 14, 2023 - March 31, 2023

Beginning Date: July 3, 2023

Program End Date: September 18-23, 2023


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