We are looking for an ambitious Technology Intern who likes to speak a common tongue of technology and wants to go further with us on this cyber way with creating impact.


Founded in 2011, with a reason to enrich women’s lives and to become the leader in the modest fashion e-commerce world. Modanisa is a globally renowned e-commerce platform, offering modest fashion apparel, through sales of popular brands, designers, as well as through its own private label lines.

Invested by the international leading investors like Goldman Sachs which is one of the world’s leading investment bank and investor of start-ups like Facebook, Spotify, and Uber and by European bank of reconstruction and development (EBRD) - which has already invested about 11 million dollars in Turkey mostly in private sector and Wamda Capital which is MENA's leading venture investing firm. We have been awarded by Al Jazeera and Thomson Reuters and described as one of the largest players in the modest fashion market. We are ambitious, and we know our pace.

Modanisa’s 700+ team members (along with subcontractors) are living in the creative world of huge brands. Modanisa is all about people. People are exceptionally talented with strategic agility and team first attitude.

Technology Intern

Did you just recently graduate from college or going to graduate soon? Are you looking for an amazing Entry Level Opportunity to get your career started? What a better way to get started than to work with a global e-commerce company here in İstanbul! Do you have a passion for Technology?

Modanisa is a global modest fashion e-commerce company. We are currently operating in more than 130 countries and providing the content in seven languages: Turkish, Arabic, English, French, German, Bahasa Indonesian, and Malay by adapting to their local preferences. We bring fashion and technology together with iconic brand and smart operations to create great value for the women all around the world by putting people -our customers, our teams, our partners- first.

What we expect from you:

  • Knowing that learning is about making mistakes and fault tolerance as your default expectation from friends is to make mistakes
  • Becoming humble as you learn and trying to teach those around you by accepting that the knowledge is as much as a grain of sand in the ocean of science / knowledge
  • Allergenic of hierarchy, understanding that a team cannot be a team without consultation / healthy discussion environment, wondering how self-organizing teams’ work
  • Desire to learn the transformation in software and software development, curiosity towards different technologies and passion for e-commerce
  • Be curious, after you searched ‘’kubernetes, vuejs, golang, terraform/terragrunt, flutter, docker, chaos monkey, canary/rolling release, phoenix environments, acceptance test driven design, graphana, prometheus, istio’’ words on the internet


If you are a crazy game changer who wants to change the traditional way of fashion. Join Us!