Operational Excellence Assistant Specialist

Mayen provides call center and value-added customer relations services for leading institutions in Turkey and the world.

Among these services; Outsourcing Services such as Customer Services, Customer Experience and Business Insights, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Digital Training and Development Systems, Social Media Tracking System, Human Analytics, Customer Journey Map, Voice Of The Customer, Human Resources Services, Payroll Services, Accounting and Testing Services are available.
Mayen; with more than 3500 teammates in 12 different locations in Turkey and working-from-home model, we offer services to leading brands both across Turkey and worldwide in 12 different languages, including German, Dutch, Turkish, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, French, Russian, and Bulgarian.
The sectors we currently serve are retail, e-commerce, banking and finance, telecommunications, airline and travel, high tech and IT, media and entertainment, and energy and utility.

The place where big ideas and smart solutions meet to create a perfect customer experience: Mayen!

We succeed together, we have fun together.
We attach importance to open communication.
We are a fun, young and dynamic team.
We value our team.
We provide a safe, inclusive, respectful and fun working environment.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics departments 
  • 0-1 years experience gained in similar positions 
  • Good knowledge of MS Office (advanced level Excel and Powerpoint) 
  • Good knowledge of both written and spoken of English (preferably German as well) 
  • Preferably a 6 Sigma green belt certificate holder or an active user of 6 Sigma methodology as a project management tool 
  • Able to work as a team player progress with a cooperation perspective 
  • Able to work with solution and goal oriented 
  • Taking initiative and decision making skills 
  • Have a customer-oriented service approach 
  • Progressing with a detail-oriented perspective 
  • Open to feedback 
  • Adaptable to change quickly

Job Description:

  • Defining the basic processes of Call Center operations at detailed levels, determining the process performance KPIs, regularly measuring the process performance over the determined KPIs 
  • Identifying process improvement areas with process analysis, offering action suggestions for improvements, and monitoring the effects of actions 
  • Creation of new processes to meet changing business requirements 
  • To ensure that the relevant process steps are assigned to the relevant departments by studying the areas of uncertainty in the Call Center processes 
  • To determine the action areas to increase operational and financial efficiency by periodically reviewing the operations and to ensure that the determined actions are implemented in cooperation with the relevant teams. Dissemination of related practices to other operations at points of success 
  • Management of the New Operations Delivery Process from the perspective of the project manager, development of the process with the perspective of continuous improvement and the guidance of past experiences 
  • Defining the post-delivery monitoring period and continuing to support the project issues of this period 
  • Follow-up and analysis of the actuals of the operation KPIs, generating alarms in areas of distress, generating improvement actions and project ideas for areas of improvement 
  • Developing new ideas, practices and projects to improve quality, customer experience, and the performance of operations and operational processes. To undertake and manage the mentioned projects as a project manager 
  • Organizing benchmark studies aimed at improving quality, customer experience, and increasing the performance of operations and operational processes 
  • To undertake the execution and coordination of strategic projects related to operations 
  • Producing and following up projects in coordination with PMO, foreign operations and related business units on issues that have an impact on financial and/or organizational development 
  • Coordinating automation projects and operational optimization implementation studies within the scope of digital transformation efforts, ensuring their implementation and dissemination to all operations 
  • Developing ideas and projects for management that will support the continuous development of operations, customer satisfaction and efficiency, and an agile management that adapts quickly to change 
  • Identifying the necessary change and improvement activities in the organization in case of business needs that require problem solving or rapid change for Internal and External Customers, positioning the control and audit structure to ensure the relevant development and change in operations 
  • Improving workflows for internal and external customers, triggering and controlling development in a flexible and fast-adapting structure