The concept of cover letter also appears with names such as motivation letter or letter of introduction, although there are slight differences in their content.  The reason for the existence of the cover letter concept is to ensure that your CV is looked at among many CVs. First of all, we call the text that briefly conveys the motivation of the person, his/her conscious awareness of wanting that job/internship and that he/she has enough knowledge for this request a cover letter. Similarly, a cover letter, motivation letter, letter of intent may be requested for master's degree applications or for various projects, association memberships, etc. Whatever the reason you need such a text, such as an academic application, a social responsibility application or an internship application, remember that you need to highlight and emphasize different aspects according to your application. As the Career Office, we organize seminars on this subject and we can also edit your motivation letter together within the scope of individual career counseling you may request.

As an example, you can review the letter of intent examples we have prepared for you below.

Kapak Yazısı-Cover Letter_Örnek-Sample

Statement of Purpose-Niyet Mektubu-Sample